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The Path of Mastery

The Path of Mastery looks easy, but it is hard. It needs constant practice, learning, grit, perseverance, purpose, passion, and hard work. Looking back at historical times only a few people achieved mastery. People like Leonardo Da Vinci, Newton, Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Charles Darwin, Picasso and, Rockefeller mastered their own crafts and left a significant impact in human history.

Can you imagine how hard they went through to do what they could achieve? They didn’t have internet back then. They didn’t Google their way out of their questions. All of them studied and focused on working on their crafts. Some of them went through apprenticeship to learn and gain experience from the best.

When we look at our society right now, we have more accessibility compared to them. We have the internet at our disposal. When we want to find something we just type anything, and in less than 2-3 seconds the answer is right in from of us! It’s truly amazing how technology made our life better. However, our society became so much short-sighted because of the instant gratification effect given to us by social media.

We waste our precious time by doing tasks we don’t really love. We postpone important projects because of our fear. Most people live a life walking on the wrong path and often act out of anxiety. By the time they get old and slowly die, that’s the time they realize that the life they lived isn’t for them.

Our time is short, so let us use it wisely. No matter how hard it takes, we must walk on the path of mastery even if we are alone.

The legendary people I mentioned earlier understood what it takes to master their own crafts. You clicked this blog post because you are searching for answers like other people. To be like them, you must understand several factors you need once you walk in the path of mastery and become a master yourself. They are:

Find your purpose

We are here for a reason. Our uniqueness allows us to have a different purpose from other species. Some people don’t believe in calling but instead what they believe in is passion. If that is true then why aren’t we experiencing the change we need for the past few years? If we ask for advice, people will tell us to follow our passion. Is that correct? For me, it depends on the person. But if you ask me for advice, I will always tell you to find and follow your purpose. Why? Because when you find your purpose, you know the path that you are taking. Finding your purpose helps other people as well.

A modern example of this is Elon Musk, his purpose is to make humans an interplanetary species. Look at what he’s doing right now. He is finding ways to build a cheap and reusable spaceship that can bring people to Mars.

Understand: Once you find your purpose, you are now walking on the path of Mastery. By discovering your purpose, you can identify your niche. Whatever your purpose may be this will motivate you to master your craft.

A Solid 10,000 hours of Practice

By reading the number 10,000 feels exhausting, right? Don’t worry. You can accomplish that number of hours by using extreme focus and dedication every day. A solid 5 hours of practice is much better than 8 hours of unfocused practice and work.

You must get rid of internal and external destructions. For the internal, I suggest that you should meditate before doing your tasks. Meditation will help you clear your mind and avoid attachment to your thoughts. For the external, I recommend that you should use the Deep Work method. You must get rid of social media by the time of doing your tasks. Use productivity apps like Forest(I use this every day when I read a book). By building up this habit, you will notice that your craft is getting better and better. The best way to evaluate yourself is to apply them in real-world situations.

A great example of this is professional athletes, by the time they reach their 5th or 6th year in the league they perform better. Understand: To walk on the path of mastery, every minute counts. To master your craft, you must put in solid hours of work.

Use and unlock your creative mind

To master your craft, you must use and unlock your creative mind. This creative mind was active when we were kids. Those were the days when our creativity is at its best. Back then we love to solve puzzles, draw, write, play and have an adventure in the unknown. But as we grow old, this creative part of our mind starts hiding. Why? Because we are taught to stay in a box made by our society. We are developed to conform, that being different will make us an outcast. By using the power of visualization and intuition, we can use the unlock our creative mind.

The path of Mastery is a difficult path. Once we encounter impatience and resistance, this can damage our creativity. We must change our perspective and aim for long-term success.

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