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Professionals vs Amateurs

In the creative world, we live in today becoming a professional is a must. What I mean by professional is a standard or an ideal.

A lot of people usually say to themselves and to their peers and co-workers that they are professionals, but they don’t act like one. These people are amateurs.

To be clear: once we get a paycheck and a job. We are professionals. However, there is a difference between a professional and an amateur. There is a space in between that divides them. We must consider the differences between the pro and amateur.

The Amateur:

Plays for fun Plays part-time Lives for the weekends. They hate Mondays. Have no purpose in life Has no order in life Does not trust and love the process Aims for short-term not long-term Aims for instant gratification Gets defeated by Resistance

The Professional:

Plays for keeps Commits full time, Works seven days a week Loves and trust the process Dedicates his/her life to his/her work Has patience. Committed over the long haul Accepts no excuses Has order in life. A professional is always prepared Does not take failure or success personally Endures adversity Works 10,000 hours to master his/her own craft

It’s clear that for us to become a better society, our world needs more professionals, not amateurs.

Social media plays a massive part in this one. As an example, we can see people put up the entrepreneur, artist, writer, or any other related creative label on their bio but they don’t put in the work. A professional artist has a portfolio and isn’t ashamed of sharing it to the world. A real writer writes every day to improve their craft and isn’t afraid of critics.

Understand that in this world we live in today, actions speak louder than words.


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