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The Most Toxic Force on The Planet

There’s a toxic force on the planet that keeps us from doing what we love. It prevents us from changing our lives for the better. This lethal force is the reason why we haven’t seen too much innovation in the past decades. This toxic force is not a disease or an illness. This lethal force lives within us and often gets the best of us from doing what we should do. This toxic force is Resistance.

Resistance is the root of laziness, unhappiness, and failure to reach our goals. Resistance cannot be seen, but it can be felt. Resistance is fueled by fear. The fear to explore to unknown and get out of our comfort zone. Resistance by definition is self-sabotage.

So how do we know that we are experiencing Resistance? Here are the symptoms:

The Procrastination Habit

We love to delay specific tasks and wait for the last minute before we act. We do that because of Resistance. Our actions right now will define our future. Do you want to write a book? Write it now. Make the chapter outline and write 250 words a day. Remember one is always better than zero.

Craving for instant gratification

Social media is the partner of Resistance. They are like two villains in a movie preventing the main character(You and Me) to accomplish his/her goal. Our society today is driven by instant gratification that’s why we never achieve greatness and mastery.

We forget that accomplishing great things take time and work. If we allow the Resistance to take over when we are working towards something great, then we will never achieve anything.

Too much self-dramatization and victimhood

Like social media, self-dramatization and victimhood are the partners of Resistance. We keep blaming other people of our own problems. We have this oppressive mindset that prevents us from accepting our own responsibilities as a human being.

When we start looking left and right, all we see is too much drama. There’s too much drama and victimhood because most people lack perspective and gratitude. We must understand that no one will save us. We must stop waiting to be picked but instead what we should do is get our bloody act together and be responsible.

Having self-doubt and fear

Creative people often encounter Resistance. A writer has tons of ideas, but when it’s time to sit down and write, sometimes the thoughts disappear. This phenomenon is called the writer's block.

To be honest with you, I encountered Resistance before I wrote this blog post. It almost beat me. That is an example of self-doubt and fear. Our fear to be criticized and doubt that we are never good enough. Understand that the only way to get experience is to go through those tasks.

Trust and learn during the process. Don’t allow fear to take over. Just think about this, people die every day. There could be a person buried six feet under who had a cure for cancer or a life-changing idea, but he didn’t execute becau

se of fear and self-doubt. It is okay to feel fear and doubt. It is a sign that we are getting out of our comfort zone. Don’t worry about the critics. They will always criticize something because it is their job. If they hate our work, it means our work isn’t for them.


We must understand that Resistance is part of our human nature. The only way to beat Resistance is to act right here, right now.

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