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The Secret To Achieving New Year's Resolutions

Here we go again, it’s a brand new year.

You might notice a trend nowadays, people on social media brag about their new year resolutions and of course they write “New Year, New Me” in their captions.

It’s nice to see that people want to get the better. It’s nice to know that they want to become a better person. But are they really up for the task? Will they say no to certain occasions? (For those who want to have a better lifestyle) Every year we make new year’s resolution. Every year we set these goals, sometimes this goal is even out of our reach. So how can we accomplish our new year’s resolutions?

The secret is Self-Discipline. Without self-discipline, we can’t achieve any of our goals. Do you want to have a better body? Then start exercising. Start eating healthy foods. Start changing your diet.

Do you want to read more books this year? Start reading a chapter a day.

Do you want to become a better person? Surround yourself with winners, not losers.

Do you want to become more productive? Start doing "deep work" not shallow work.

Do you want to make your environment better? Start cleaning your room. Remember: Everything starts with you. The small steps you make at this moment will be a massive part of your life in the future. These small steps are much better than taking no steps at all. What is a goal without action? Nothing.

What is an idea without execution? A dream.

Understand that self-discipline is the secret to accomplishing your goals.

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