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Best Christmas Gift For Yourself

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Time flies so fast, the season of giving is here again. Any great gift ideas to your loved ones? Colleagues? Bosses? I hope you don’t spend too much money to show your appreciation. It’s always a tradition to spend money or use our savings to give gifts to someone special to us. This consumerist lifestyle is always present during holidays, it’s how we show value to someone. What’s worse is, we even give gifts for someone we despise but since it’s Christmas we wear masks and pretend that everything is okay. This year let’s change things a bit.

Let us give gifts that are truly valuable to ourselves and to our environment.

Some of these gifts may hurt your feelings but not your wallet. The list below will cost you zero expenses. It’s free!

Detach yourself from people pulling you down. There will always be people who bring you down to their level. They don’t want you to become better than them. They don’t want you to pursue your goals because they’ll get left behind. They want you to fit in every time. They don’t allow you to think for yourself. These people are usually envious especially if you have an achievement or reward. These people’s lives are usually driven by fear.

These people exist everywhere, in fact, some of them might even be your close friends. To become a better human being, you must detach yourself from them. You need to maintain a distance. Tell them the truth that they are pulling you down. Although by becoming realistic they might become defensive and argue with you. But there’s is no other choice, it’s either you waste time with them or learn the art of non-conformity. Nobody died for being real.

If you want to become friends with them again once you detach yourself from them, you need to have hope and faith that they see their own flaws. But remember: some of them are just going to wear a mask and play a role that they changed. Study their actions and body language, not their words. Start living a life with a purpose. A life without a purpose is boring. A life without a purpose is a life wasted. Waking up every day without knowing what your role here on earth sucks.

When you start asking for advice, people will usually say “ follow your passion.” This advice is the worst advice, to be honest. Because passion dies and purpose doesn’t. Passion is about you, but purpose is about serving other people and the greater good of humanity.

Think of it this way: passion sets you on many uncertain paths while purpose sets you on a straight path. Although this path may have obstacles waiting for you, you are willing to go through them and reach your final destination.

Remember: Money always comes second when you have a purpose. To find your purpose, you must look back at the time when you are a kid. What is it that you like to do? From that point, think of how you can use that creativity to make an impact in this world.

Understand: We are unique creatures. We all have our differences, so don’t think that you don’t have a purpose here because you do. Accept Reality. Accept that life will end. The biggest problem in society these days is we keep shunning reality itself. We keep telling ourselves that we have a long time ahead of us. We don’t accept our own fate.

You must do differently. You must accept the reality that life will end. Accept that your time is limited. You must realize that you create your own fate and reality.

Don’t be like other people who keep wasting time because they are young. What if they got into a freak accident a couple minutes later? What if they got hit by a bus? What if they don’t wake up anymore? All they ever have is regret. Understand: You must accept your fate. Age isn’t a guarantee that your time is long or short. Reality hits us unexpectedly. Once you find your purpose and not denying death, work doesn’t feel like work anymore because you are working on something that is for the greater good. By living this way, you can make the change our world needs. You can create your own legacy. Remember: always live in the present. The past is history, it doesn’t exist anymore. The future is just the present that hasn’t arrived yet. The present is all that matters. Become more self-aware. Having self-awareness is the best gift you can give yourself. Self-awareness is power. Self-awareness helps you to become a rational thinker.

It feels good when you understand who you really are. You can immediately assess yourself by identifying your strengths and weaknesses. You can choose what skills you want to improve the right way. By having self-awareness, it is easier for you to determine what type of people you surround yourself with and the opinions of other people won’t affect you.

Most people reach the success status because they are self-aware. They know their purpose, and they understand human nature. To practice self-awareness what you need to do is to take a step back understand that there is always a space between thoughts and actions. Study your surroundings and know what you’re good at. When you want to improve specific skills, the best way to improve is to learn by experience.


The best gift this Christmas is to become a better person. No matter how expensive the gifts are, if it doesn’t make you a better person, then it costs nothing. *Get a copy of Roots now and receive a free ebook copy and an exclusive chapter about dealing with mortality.

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