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Use Anger To Your Advantage

When we feel negative feelings like anger, we often use that negative energy towards someone. We shout at them, curse at them and in worst case scenarios we hit them physically. We are angry for these reasons:

We have this sense of entitlement. We feel stress. We are manipulative, we want events to happen which is beyond our control. We lack perspective. We had a rough childhood and environment.

Our family background and surroundings play a huge role in our attitude. As kids, we tend to imitate what we see. If our parents or siblings are chaotic, power manipulative and use brute force to express anger, that attitude becomes part of us. Anger is a powerful force. If we can positively use this force and energy, we can do tasks that can help other people.

Here’s how: When we feel angry we feel this energy inside us. This energy wants to go out in the physical world. But instead of letting it out and hurting other people, we can use this energy for creative purposes. Writers often do this transformation. When they want to express anger, they use this powerful energy to write a book. Bestselling author Robert Greene usually do this. In writing his latest book Laws of Human Nature, he was angry and worried that people are becoming more narcissistic and self-absorbed.

From my experience, I used the energy given to me by anger when I was writing Roots. I was angry and disappointed with my generation because what I noticed was most of us are lost and don’t have a sense of purpose.

A lot of musicians, artists do this as well. They transform this energy to produce great music and various forms of arts. In sports, athletes can become stronger mentally and physically every time they are feeling angry. When this happens they tend to become more competitive and gritty.

Anger is beneficial to you and to your surroundings. Learn how to use it to create work that matters.

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