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Two Types of People

We human beings are social animals. We adapt to our environment. We try to fit in on certain groups of people so that we can interact with one another. We do everything we can to fit it on society’s standards. Throughout our lives, we will encounter two types of people. They are rational and irrational people.

Rational people:

Realize their goals

Work effectively with a group of people

Create work that matters

Have self-awareness, they admit their own irrationality

In hiring a partner or assistant, they use competence as their barometer

In career decisions, they look for positions that fit in their long-term goals. They don’t put too much emphasis on how much money they make.

Irrational people:

Have no awareness, rush into action immediately without thinking about certain consequences and other options

Reveal their negative patterns in life, they keep repeating the same mistakes, unnecessary conflicts that follow them, dreams and projects that are never realized. They lack the action to manifest their ideas into reality.

Lack of self-awareness makes them very emotional and reactive.

In hiring a partner or assistant, they easily fall under the spell of those who are charming, attractive, knows how to feed their insecurities, who won’t challenge them. If this person or group is faced with problems and adversity, nobody will hold themselves accountable. It will just be a cycle of blaming co-workers.

In career decisions, they decide how much money they can immediately make, how much they can slack off on the job, how much attention the position brings them.

They don’t pursue work that matters.

They don’t usually aim for the best. Being mediocre is fine with them.

They become more defensive when they make mistakes and are incapable of learning.

They become highly emotional when challenged about the emotional roots of their decisions.

Understand that we human beings tend to put on a mask to cover our irrationality. However, when we start looking at their body language, we can learn their true nature.

In dealing with irrational people, the best thing to do is we keep our distance with them because they can pull us down towards their own level. We can call them out on their irrationality. However, if they really lack self-awareness or if they are too detached to reality, they’ll become more emotional and defensive.

There are times when rational people can become irrational as well depending on the events. But by using self-awareness rational people can see what is wrong with them.

Keep in mind that having self-awareness can be your superpower.

Self-awareness and becoming realistic attaches you to reality, not fantasy.

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