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Marketing Questions

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The process of making a new product is complicated. From turning the ideas into its physical form, we need patience, perseverance, and grit. However, once we made the product the work isn’t finished. We still need to market it, and this is where the real work starts.

Today in our interconnected world, marketing by thru social media is easy and cheap(I’m referring to Facebook Ads). It might be easy but do these people actually care about your product? Of course not, your product isn’t for everyone.

To make your marketing successful, you need to start small because that’s the only way for you to spread the word. Ask yourself or your team these simple questions:

Who’s it For? Are you proud of it? How will it change them? What’s it for? Why will they share it with their friends/colleagues? Does it challenge the status quo? Are you honest about your product?

By answering these questions, the marketing task will be more comfortable.

Don’t worry about negative reviews, it means that the product isn’t for them.

Even the bestselling fiction book Harry Potter has one-star reviews on GoodReads and Amazon. Some people like to use DuckDuckGo rather than Google(because DDG doesn’t track its users). Not everyone loves Tesla electric cars. Some people hate Facebook and other social media platforms. Some people hate vegan foods and still prefer eating animal-based products. Some people prefer IOS than Android(vice-versa).

The lesson in this post is simple: your product isn’t for everyone.

Since this is a post about marketing, my self-help book Roots: Success And Greatness Starts Within You is available, and the ebook is just $3.99.

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