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It All Starts With Writing

Writing may be a dead art or source of income in the 21st century.

However, we don’t realize that everything starts by writing.

You adore those movies because of the work the writers put in.

The great books that you read started because the author wanted to tell you a story by writing.

The big and successful businesses won’t reach their status if someone doesn’t know how to write a proposal or a successful business model. If you’re still in school, your assignment won't be accomplished if you don’t know how to use a pen or pencil and write.

The greatest innovators, scientists, and inventors wrote down their ideas first before doing their projects.

Writing may be a dead art because of today's technology. Maybe that’s why we need to start writing more than ever.

Writing can help us ease our minds.

Writing can help us express our feelings.

Writing can help us make a story and remember stories stick to people all the time.

And of course, writing improves our critical thinking.

Keep in mind that it all starts with writing.

Don't have a pen with you? Use your phone. Take advantage of the technology.

Go sit down and write down your ideas.

*My book Success and Greatness Starts Within You is now available on major book distributors worldwide.


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