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Accept Life The Way It Is

Photo by Simon Migaj on Unsplash

Photo by Simon Migaj on Unsplash

We’ve all experienced suffering in our lives, we suffer because of our problems like financially, relationship and, events that placed us in a shock or trauma like illness, death, and freak accidents. We whine and complain when we suffer all the time. Why? Because of our entitlement. We thought that we are special, but we're not.

We love to point out and accuse other people because of the suffering that is dealt with us. When we are poor, we point out the government for not treating us the right way. When we are having difficulties to find meaningful relationships we accuse and make a hasty generalization that men and women are cheaters all they bring are problems and headache. These are some of the accusations and complains I hear all the time.

What about you? Do you love to accuse someone else when you are suffering? What do you usually do when you encounter adversity and failure? Do you accept and move on?

Here’s a cold hard truth about life. Life is made up of good and bad. Life is ever changing. Life is impermanent. It is unfair. It is a cycle of order and chaos. An excellent representation of this is the Yin Yang symbol.

Yin Yang symbol

We believe and are trained to attach ourselves to positive emotions and reject, deny the unpleasant. How can we see the lessons and experience personal growth by rejecting and denying the negative experience? We can’t. If we can’t accept the failure and suffering that we are dealt with we are stuck in this reality that hinders our self-improvement.

During the ancient times, there was a prince who can have everything he desires like money, women, power, and all the leisure and luxury of life. For 29 years he lived in bliss and protected from the misfortunes and suffering of the outside world then one day he decided to sneak out of the palace for the first time with his attendant and then both of them saw an old man. He realized that one day everyone would grow old and be that man. During his second trip, he saw a sick man. The prince realized that he and everyone would get sick at some point during their life. During his third trip, he encountered a dead body. He realized that everyone would die someday. On the fourth trip, he met a monk who was happy, calm and peaceful.

On that day his life changed he decided to leave the palace to pursue enlightenment and help people find peace and happiness. His name is Siddhartha Gautama or now known as the Buddha.

You might be saying right now “I know that I’ll grow old, get sick and die, isn’t that what life is all about?” Well, it is life, but it doesn’t mean we have to live in a pessimistic or nihilistic way of life. You know that we’re going to die, get sick and get older then why don’t use that as a source of motivation to accomplish the things you want!

You need to accept these cold hard facts of life because what else are you going to do?

Are you okay with living day-to-day without having a purpose or achieving your goals?

Are you content with living a life full of lies?

Are you okay with being resentful and bitter because of your past? Let go of it and start living in the present moment because that’s all that matters.

Are you okay with living a life without pursuing what is meaningful?

You want to know how to have a meaningful life? As Dr. Jordan Peterson said, “Everything you do matters!” Your actions will always have consequences whether you like it or not. So face your responsibilities!

Nobody accomplished anything great without experiencing suffering and failure. Failure and pain is part of the process.

Life is unfair. Life is complete with the good and the bad, so accept it and get your act together!

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