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Your Job Is To Make Art

Photo by Venveo on Unsplash

A lot of us are confused when we are building our careers or starting up a business, we always ask ourselves “What is my job?” “What am I here for?”. The answer is your job is to make art. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to paint every now and then.

What I mean by art is doing work that matters. Art changes our world. Art defines our generation. Look at our ancestors what did they leave us? It’s all art. From hieroglyphics, pyramids, inventions, stadiums, monuments, statues, etc.

That is why making art matters. Art push through the boundaries of humanity to become a better species.

So how can you make your art?

First, you must know what you are good at. Are you good at designing? Writing? Sports? Are you an innovator? Inventor? Photographer? Aspiring director? Singer? Painter? Programmer? Scientist? Doctor?

Once you identify what you’re good at, ask yourself these questions,

“How does this impact other people?”

“How can this solve a specific problem?”

“If I show these to other people, will they encourage the people around them to take a look at this?”

If the answer is yes then continue what you’re going to do, if the answer is no then you should probably change and think about what you’re doing.

Answering these questions can help you give a purpose. It can help you do work that matters.

Doubt and fear will always be present. Don’t worry about these noise inside your head. Taking action and trying is much better than doing nothing. Learn to be mindful.

Critics will always be present when you do work that matters. Don’t worry about them. Critics will question or won’t appreciate what you’re doing because it’s not for them.

Look at all the bestselling books and other top selling products on Amazon, none of them earned perfect five stars. Look at the different types of paintings, not everyone understands it’s meaning, but some people truly understand it and appreciate it.

Similar to big products and companies not everyone loves Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

The main point of making art is not everyone will like or appreciate what you’re doing. It’s fine. As long as you do work that matters, you will touch people’s lives and make a positive impact.

We live in a connection age right now, take advantage of it. You have one job and it is to make art. So do it!

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