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Today Is The Day

We love to do our tasks later or tomorrow rather than today. We love to postpone things that can affect our long-term goals in exchange for comfort and relaxation.

Why? Because it's fun!

We use distractions like video games, binge-watched our favorite shows, party, drink alcohol and other things we do to distract ourselves from our responsibilities and reality.

Having fun is part of life, it’s normal for us to relax and be comfortable every once in a while. However, when we have specific tasks that are important to help us achieve our goals and boosts our careers, we should think of what we are going to do.

We should ask ourselves,“Will I do this task now or will I do it later?”

If you aren’t busy or your schedule is precise, then you should probably do your work now rather than later.

What if you have multiple projects that are waiting for you in the future? Your work will not have the same quality because you have other tasks/projects to worry about.

One enemy we have when we start postponing tasks is Time.

We can’t control time. Time keeps moving forward not backward. Time will not stop.

What if you keep postponing your work then you got into some freak accident? What if you keep postponing your work then mother nature gives us a disaster like earthquakes or typhoons? What if you have a computer breakdown and you don’t have money to replace it?

What if you were diagnosed with a deadly disease tomorrow because you keep postponing your workout schedule?

The journey of our life isn't a straight line. We never know what’s going to happen in the future.

What matters is this moment right now.

Balance your life properly.

Surround yourself with people who’ll push you to achieve your dreams. If your current circle right now doesn’t support you and your goals because they might feel jealous of what you are about to achieve, cut them off, they aren't your real friends.

Silence your ego. Live in the present moment.

Do what you can do today because this moment is all that matters.

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