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Be Grateful For What You Have

In this world, a lot of people complain and whine about what they don’t have.

They complain about not having these brand new phones, branded clothing, brand new cars, latest gadgets and other materialistic desires driven by the Ego.

People complain about these unfortunate events that are happening to them just like when they are stuck in traffic, unable to close deals with a client, losing a job, political issues(which people complain a lot, but they don’t know how the system works) and so on.

What’s the point of complaining about not getting those trendy materialistic desires? To be honest with you, I know that you want those trending materials because you want to fit in with your friends or society.

You just want it because of your Pride. It’s mainly saying to the world “I have this _______ and you don’t so you don’t belong in the same level as I do.” You want that brand new iPhone X to boast it on your social media just to feed your Ego. If you really want to have a brand new phone, there’s no need to buy the most expensive option. There are a lot of phones that are less priced and has the same functionality.

It goes the same with our other materialistic desires. There are other options in the market cost less and has the same functionality. I used the phone as an example that is what is happening to our society right now.

When it comes to complaining about negative events that are happening in our lives, we forget one thing which is PERSPECTIVE.

We complain about these events, and we forget that there are people out there suffering from famine, illnesses, wars, family and intimate relationship problems, scarcity, depression, etc.

There are people out there who’s been thru hell and chaos, doing everything they can just to survive day to day yet here we are complaining about simple things.

I’m sure that if you can read this, you are lucky in life. What I mean about “lucky” is you can eat more than three times a day, you aren’t homeless, you have a family, you earn money, you have friends, you have access to use the internet, and you have all the necessary needs of a human being.

Did you know that your chances of being born are 400 trillion to 1? So do you still want to complain? You are lucky. You are a MIRACLE.

You need to change your perspective. Stop wasting money on irrelevant, ego-driven desires. Stop numbing yourself every time you encounter stress and problems. Stop complaining about simple things.

Look at your surroundings and change your point-of-view. Status, fame, and recognition are just extra.

You have everything you need.

Be grateful for what you have in life.

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