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Advertisements Manipulate Your Life

You've probably watched television, read newspapers (yes they still exist), read online magazines, and used the internet what do you usually see? Advertisements.

Advertising isn't bad. Actually, it's part of a business to earn a profit and to sell products.

Companies and marketers create stories for you to see how great their products are. Whether it's a false claim or not it affects your mind. How?

When you see these constant advertisements your brain desires for more, your brain suddenly becomes hungry. Your mind produces these chemicals (Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, Endorphins, and Cortisol)

Imagine you are watching television shows for about 5 hours a day. Your favorite TV shows have an in between commercial breaks.

You watch these unhealthy food commercials then suddenly you start memorizing it. Then after you watch that TV show, you are definitely craving for what you've seen. This is what you call psychological marketing. The advertisers' program your brain to buy their product whether it is healthy or not.

What's worse is when you start seeing advertisements that include emotions especially love. Your emotions and memories are tightly linked together. It does have a similar effect on you just like the food commercials. You'll now start comparing your love life to what you saw on the television.

I'm here to tell you. THAT IS BAD FOR YOU. NEVER COMPARE REAL LIFE RELATIONSHIPS TO WHAT THE MEDIA IS SHOWING YOU. Those advertisements are scripted, and your life isn't.

Recently when I watched Infinity War, the cinema played advertisements of hotdogs and soft drinks. I was in full disgust because they played that in a cinema full of unaware kids and parents. What's worse is they used kids as their actors and actresses. That advertisement worked for a lot of kids in that cinema as I can hear them telling their parents they want to eat that type of food.

We all know , and soft drinks are poison to our own body. It's a source of cancer. These advertisers encourage kids to eat that type of food. This is a humanity-minus company that I recently posted about.

It's funny, isn't it? When it comes to making money and increase our popularity, we don't think of other factors of how it affects our life just like health right?

If you are a parent reading these, you need to take control of your son/daughter. Tell them the truth that not everything they see on the television is real.

I'm not mad at the people who show these advertisements. They need profit and exposure. I know that they will never stop making false claims because that's how they earn profit. It's part of their business.

“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.” Seth Godin

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