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What are you waiting for?

Wasting our precious time is so fun right?

We enjoy wasting it by doing unmeaningful things. Watching cat videos are fun, searching for memes are fun, catching up with latest gossips is fun (for you).

Maybe you are one of the people who always talks about people behind their backs.

Maybe you like wasting your time by numbing yourself with alcohol or smoke bunch of cigarettes, believing that it could heal your stress and depression.

Maybe I just summed up your personality.

Don't you have a goal? A dream? Or a vision in life? What if you just open your eyes and realize that doing the things I just mentioned are stopping you from reaching your goals.

I'm pretty sure you’ve got these ideas that can help you and other people improve their lives.

But your ideas are nothing when you don't execute. You need to take action to turn your ideas into reality.

The reason why you don't want to execute is because of your fear. The fear of being rejected by the system and your society.

Will you lose something when you start executing your ideas? None.

What are you waiting for then?

The approval of other people?

If you want to ask him/her out go ahead do it. You won't lose your life when you get rejected.

You want to write to a book? Go ahead and write those words that are stuck in your mind. Remember 1 word is better than a blank sheet of paper.

Go ahead and fulfill your dreams. Take the risk.

All you need is to trust yourself.

#Millennials #Future #Stoicism


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