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The Bait of Listening to Feedbacks

“They said to me my work sucks!”

“They told me my work is awesome!”

Who should I listen to then?

When we start listening to feedbacks, there's a huge chance we get confused.

Remember when we start creating/doing work that matters you will receive multiple positive/negative feedbacks especially when what you are doing hasn't been done before.

When you start listening to these feedbacks/surveys, you will undoubtedly end up making the same thing that has been done before.

Remember there's no such thing as perfect five stars.

Go to Amazon or any e-commerce website right now. Look at the books, bags, shoes, cars, etc.

The bestsellers there doesn't have perfect five-star reviews, but that doesn't mean that the product you looked at isn't great. It means that the person who made feedbacks on that product is not for them.

It goes the same thing as doing work that matters.

People who will give you different versions of feedbacks will be positive and negative because of your differences in vision, perspective, mindset and other traits or qualities.

At the end of all of this, what you need to do is to trust yourself.

“There is no product that everyone wants. You can either spend all of your time trying to get the last person to like you, or you say ‘I’m sorry it’s not for you, I’ll go talk to these guys instead’” Seth Godin

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