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We need more artists not workers

The world we live in right now is on a massive shift.

Economically and Industrially.

Most of the people are now struggling to find jobs to help them live and earn money on a consistent basis.


Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is slowly taking over our jobs.


You can see companies and factories right now using more machines to replace employees or workers.


Well, machines work faster, smarter and can multitask, unlike humans. You might be telling yourself right now. “But I can multitask.”

Truth is human beings can't multitask. It is a myth. You can't focus and do things at the same time.

What we need right now are artists.

Artists love every second of their work. Artists work on projects that haven't been seen by the masses yet. Artists change the world through innovation. Artists create work that matters, that made a difference in people's lives. Not tomorrow but today.

You don't need to be a painter to call yourself an artist. What I mean by being an artist is you need to make something unique. There will always be doubt and criticism from the public. But a real artist overcomes the resistance and ignore the negatives. Critics will hate your work because it isn't for them.

If you're a parent reading this. Let your son/daughter do the things he/she love. The jobless era is upon us and being an artist is the only work that matters. Don't get mad at them if they are struggling to find their entry-level jobs. Be realistic.

So how will you earn money without a job?

Use the internet. Create your personal brand. The internet is a massive network for you to market your art. Take advantage of it.

Be an artist. Create work that matters.

“Transferring your passion to your job is far easier than finding a job that happens to match your passion.” Seth Godin

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