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The Company That You Should Work For

It’s that time of the year again; we have fresh graduates applying for their first job. These young adults are now entering the so-called “real world,” but it's not true. It should be named as the “freedom-less world” the name might sound ugly, but it’s true.

Why do we go to work?

To earn money to buy that “freedom” we desperately need. Once you bought your “freedom,” you have to work for it again. Which sounds like modern slavery to me but the system built for us is a pay-to-play world.

What I meant about freedom is materialistic desires, vacation and all the things that money can buy that give us ego-driven happiness. What we don’t realize is true happiness is achievable by personal experience such as spreading love, kindness, having inner peace and, purpose.

How many people out there are working at jobs that they hate just to buy that new iPhone to boast it on social media? How many people out there are money-driven individuals? A lot.

You might say I’m over exaggerating but look at the people around you and including yourself. I hope you don’t feel guilty about it. If we really want to achieve change in our world, we need to be purpose-driven individuals.

Before you start chasing that money which is wrong, you need to start thinking about which company or jobs you want to work for. You need to think about how it affects you, your environment and, how it affects the future. According to Vishen Lakhiani the CEO of MindValley, there are two workplaces or companies that are common nowadays. If you are looking for a job right now, this is important for you.

Humanity Minus Company

These are companies that just generate money and manipulate consumers. All they care about is making a profit. They don’t push humanity to the next level. What’s worse is some of these companies create false claims or advertisements to make people purchase their products. Think about companies that manufacture processed food, cigarettes, junk foods and soft drinks for example. Billion worth companies are producing these products but what positive effect do they give to people? All they produce is sickness and worst case scenario death. Some of us still consume their products because of psychological marketing and advertising.

Humanity Plus Company

These are mission-driven companies that are not just designed to earn profits. These are companies that have a purpose which makes them highly profitable like Quest Nutrition, Mindvalley, Google, Tesla, SpaceX but these companies really don’t care about earning that much money. All they want is to push the boundaries of humanity and make our future better. SpaceX is an excellent example of humanity plus company. Nobody would start a company that focuses on space exploration. Elon began this company because of his goal which is for us humans to go to mars and become a multi-planetary species.

See the difference?

I want you to think about which company you choose to work for. Some of these jobs might be hard, but if it is a purpose-driven company, then you should probably apply there. But if you don’t care about the future of humanity, all you want is just to earn money then there are a lot of high paying jobs out there.

Think about it, let’s say ten years from now the company that you worked for accomplished its primary goal and then you’ll tell your children that you contributed to that company. I’m sure that your family will be very proud of you even if you didn’t earn millions.

“The most extraordinary people in the world today don’t have a career. They have a mission.” Vishen Lakhiani

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