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Purpose over Passion

When you were young you use to say "I want to be the best ______ in the world. Be the youngest to _____." Remember those times? The flashes of inspiration that give us the motivation to do the things we love but how did that work out? If you are successful now, that's good but not everyone makes the climb towards the top of the mountain.

Some of us are lost towards the journey and ask ourselves. "Did I make the right choice or am I trying to be good at the wrong thing?"

A lot of people will tell you especially those are in your inner circle will say "Go follow your passion." But they don't give you a reality check. What we should really say is "You need to have a Purpose with that passion."

I'll use myself as an example on this one. When I was young I love to play sports especially basketball because it is my passion. Unfortunately, I was not blessed with the height of a typical basketball player maybe that's how it is but that didn't stop me from pursuing my passion.

However, the time came that I was going nowhere and I feel lost and I asked myself "Is this really the right thing to do?" After that, I gave myself a reality check and realized that nowadays small players have a little percentage of reaching that next step in their basketball career unless you are gifted by a God-given talent to perform and execute like NBA players do.

After that realization, I search within myself what else do I love to do and it all came down to writing which gave me a Purpose which is to inspire and give positivity to people by writing the thoughts that are in my head. Now, I can finally say to myself that I know the direction I'm going in my life because I have a purpose or the end goal that I want to achieve.

As my favorite author, Ryan Holiday wrote in his book Ego Is the Enemy "Passion is about. (I am passionate about _____) while Purpose is to and for (I must do _____. I was put here to accomplish ______.) Passion is form over function. Purpose is function, function, and function. Passion is for amateurs while Purpose gives you realism and allows you to start your certain tasks at a professional level."

After reading this do me a favor and ask yourself "To whom am I doing this for? What will I accomplish in doing these tasks." Don't forget to give yourself a reality check as well because it helps you get your life in the right direction.

"Surtout, pas trop de zele"

("Above all, not too much zeal")

Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand-Perigord

#Stoicism #Millennials


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