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Do not be afraid of failure

When was the last time you were called a failure? How does it feel to not reach the peak of the mountain of your certain goal? How does it feel to not become the person that other people are expecting you to become?

Failure the word we all fear.

You might be a D grader or even worse. Some people give up when they are labeled failure by people. The label failure is given to you usually means you're dumb and even stupid. The educational system tells us that once you fail these subjects you may or may not have a successful life anymore.

Every student is thriving so hard to get that A+ because the mindset that was passed on to them tells them that once you fail, that's it you'll not be a successful person anymore.

This is called fixed mindset which means that your basic qualities like intelligence or talent are fixed.

Do you think that once you get that straight A you'll be successful in your life or career? No, because life outside of school requires you to have a solid work ethic and skills to perform tasks.

How many straight-A students are out there that are soul searching, transferring from one job to another because they fear failure?

If you look at the list of the most successful people, you'll see that every single one of them went to desperate times. From Michael Jordan, Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Stephen King, Stephen Spielberg and other successful personalities went through adversity.

What people don't realize is that failure is a part of life. Once you fail, you have the opportunity to look at your inner self and focus on how you can improve and become a better person.

From that point on, you need to tell yourself "That's it, Now I know my flaws or shortcomings, how can I improve my self so that when adversity comes I won't fail in these certain situations anymore."

As human beings, we have the ability to improve our skills through certain obstacles in life. Do not believe what other people are telling you especially the negatives. Those are just their own opinions and judgments on how they look at you.


Always focus on what you can control to improve yourself.

Choose whose voice you're going to listen to because these are external things that affect your mindset.

The fear of failure is just an illusion made by our minds or the Ego because it is afraid to take the next step of life which can lead us to our very own success.

Always remember that each one us is unique. We need to use our uniqueness to make a change in our lives to make our future better.

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