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The leading culprit of Climate Change that we rarely talk about

Climate change is happening as of now and we are feeling it.

You and I both know that it’s getting worse every minute. So, let me ask you this?

What do the media outlets or schools tell us about what are the causes Climate Change?

Transportation, Factories, Oils Spills, Electricity, Greenhouse gases, Air Pollution… etc. but we rarely hear them say Agricultural Industry

Yes, that’s right.


The animals You and I eat is a major contributor it’s really simple here’s why:

Water and land are used to grow crops to feed these animals.

Water is used to clean factories, used for hydrating the animals.

It takes 683 gallons of water to produce milk and 2,400 gallons to produce 1 pound of beef.

Water Consumption (Domestics vs. Agricultural)

More and more water and crops are used to bulk up this animals for slaughter to meet the demands of our increasing population.

Every animal emits noxious levels of Carbon Dioxide, Methane Gas, and excrement that pollute our air and waterways.

Animals are transported via semi-trucks and processed in large factories to package their body parts that are shipped throughout the country.

While factory farms are destroying our land the commercial fishing methods are actually destroying our oceans too. Destroying coral reefs, killing sharks, turtles and other “bycatch” animals.

Fish farms release pesticides, antibiotics, feces and other non-fish substances into our oceans.

A report by Scientists says that every pound of methane is 84 times as effective as carbon dioxide in trapping heat in our atmosphere. A calorie of meat requires 11 times as much fossil fuel inputs releasing 11 times of carbon dioxide.


What We Can Do

You can reduce eating meat or fish per meal like only eating animal-based foods during lunch. Another way to help is by eating plant-based foods or having a vegan diet.

There’s a lot of talk about vegans not having enough nutrients in their body that’s not true. I’m a vegan and after I ditched meat in my diet and start eating natural foods my body feels great, my sleep pattern and energy are better, my athletic performance also increased.

I don’t know why we are not taught about consuming these vegetables. Having a vegan diet not only affects you but it affects our environment and less animal will be killed.

Can you visualize a world that does not slaughter animals? It’s so peaceful to bad that greed and capitalism won’t let this happen.

You can take part by signing up here at Veganuary for more info about veganism.

If you want to change the world, start with yourself.

#Future #Millennials

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