How To Recreate Yourself

As a human being, recreating yourself is your superpower. By forging a new identity, it unlocks your potential and makes you the master of your life. The problem with people these days is they let other people define who they are and what they will do. Take a look at other families, for example, you can see a constant cycle of career choices. "Family A" is made up of doctors but the daughter doesn’t want to be a doctor instead she wants to be a musician or artist. By following what her parents told her to do, she ends up unhappy, anxious and even depressed. In a worst-case scenario, she could even take her own life and even continue the cycle to her future child. She wasted so much time plea

Blog Changes and Updates

Hello there, As you may can see I recently made changes on this blog. I redesigned it and added more features especially on the mobile version of Millennial Thoughts. Don’t worry my goal and purpose is still the same as last time, that will never change. Here are the changes that I made: No More Ads: Having ads on a website is a great way to monetize it. For me, however, I don’t like earning money by click baiting my viewers. You are on my blog to read what you want to read, not to click ads. Also, I removed the ads because of privacy issues. I’m sure you know that the algorithm of these ads is based upon your searches via your smartphone, laptop, voice assistant, etc. By doing this, I can h

The Mask of Insecurity

Let’s be honest here, we all have the mask of insecurity. People are usually unaware that they wear this mask. They thought that this mask is their true identity but it's not. We can see this on social media, a lot of people are posting great picture of themselves pretending that they are happy but deep inside they know that they are using this platform to mask their real-life problems. Most of them are sad, depressed, anxious and insecure but they don’t know why. Social media is becoming a fantasy land for these type of people which is dangerous because it makes them delusional and irrational human beings. If people are proud and confident of what they are showing then they shouldn’t use th

How Will Your Book Look Like?

Life is like a book. Every year we celebrate birthdays which marks as a new chapter of our life. Life changing decisions are also considered as a new chapter. We often forget that we have limited time. We distract ourselves with delusions and pleasure to make us happy. Unfortunately this method backfires and puts a hole in our life. When this happens, we keep searching for answers. We are looking for ways to cover this hole but we forget that the only way to fix this is to embrace reality not run away from it. So how will your book look like? Will you be proud when you let other people read it? Will you be proud when the future generations read your story? Have you done enough? Did you live

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